Mosayile kuthira meenukal

Mosayile Kuthira Meenukal is an adventurous comedy thriller which unfolds through the story of two main characters portrayed by Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne who happened to meet in an unexpected situation. Directed by Ajith Pillai and produced by Niyas Ismail under the banner of Frames Inevitable, this big budget movie is designed to reveal Malayalam screens in an unusual extravagant style. The locations and technical experiments will craft a stunning outcome that will captivate your senses. The beautiful islands of Lakshadweep is where the major part of this story unfolds besides the different locations in Kerala. Along with Asif Ali and Sunny Wayne, Swati Reddy is the female lead with many other enchanting faces prominent in the industry and close to your hearts. Cinematography of Abhinand Ramanujam and Music of Prashant Pillai will transform the theaters into an experience unfelt before.

The word Mosa in Lakshadweep language means big sea-wave and Kuthira meenukal are sword-fishes which are labeled as utterly selfish with the habit of attacking each other and hence our reason to name the film. But, we better constrain ourselves from revealing more about the movie since big surprises are awaiting you, when MKM hits the screen.