Bang Bang Movie Review

The most anticipated movie of the year ,'+BangBang' had released today. Over 4500 theatres around the world and this is the most number of theatre releases by an Indian movie. As the name says Bang Bang, hit the theatres with a bang. The movie is a complete entertainer; packed with adrenaline pumped action sequences, music and dance. If you are not a fan of serious movie with in-depth story line, then 'Bang Bang' is a definitely a stress buster for you.

Story line

As much hyped as the official remake of Knight and day, but the entire plot of the movie is changed for the Indian movie lovers, ( Dont know why they say Indian's  taste for movies, the Hollywood releases hit India theater on the same dates as else where, and Indian audience love hollywood movies :p ).

                                 Rajveer, (Hrithik is a hi-fi thief with with some unique skills; is designated by Hamid Gul ( Javed Jaffery) to steal the Kohinoor Diamond from London . Everything goes on smooth,until Rajveer changes his plan to do the exchange. The way he protects the Kohinoor from the Villain and the International agency is the rest of the movie. Even though Harleen ( Katrina Kaif ) doesn't have a strong part in the story lineup. She is the one whom the Rajveer falls in love with. 

What to Watch 

Hrithik, Music and Action. ( For the best movie experience, please turn off your logic till the movie ends :) ). Have a nice weekend.