Yennai Arindhaal Review

Yennai Arindhal Review

The much awaited movie of the year Yennai Aridhal released today hitting 1000 screens world-wide . So did the movie worth to the wait. The answers is simply YES !
From geniune report from the theatres , Yennai Aridhal  turned out well, adding  another feather in Gautam menon's cap.Fans responded that, Ajith had done it again with his performance and the movie is up to their expectation. Arun Vijay had also made a brilliant come back . In the female lead, Anushka had a much more screen space than Trisha, who was charming as always. The first half of the movie is pleasure packed, while the second half is so packed n racy and it gets the applauds. This typical Gautam Menon style movie really stands next to all time hit Vettayadu Vilayadu.


Yennai Arindhal is the story of  Satya Dev played by Ajith ; his life's journey from his 13th year to 38 forms the plot of the movie; the things he dreamth about,  to the things that changes his life to be a hardcore police officer, with ready to risk attitude to fight all anti social elements .Trisha as Hemanika plays the Ajith's wife. The other pivotal roles are done by Arun Vijay as Victor, Vivek as Revolver Richard and Anushka as Thenmozhi.
The movie is technically so perfect, with the peppy music by Harris Jayraj and hollywood styled  visuals from Dan Macarthur and editing by Anthony.
The movie is so awesome with emotion, romance, and action making it a must watch.  Our rating for the movie is 3.5/5.