Captain - Story of an unsung hero : Starring Jayasurya

Captain malayalam movie

                   Captain is an upcoming biopic directed by Prajesh Sen, featuring Jayasurya. The movie is about the story of VP Satyan, one of the veteran footballers of 1980’s. TL George produces the movie under the banner of Goodwill Entertainment.

About the V P Satyan:

Vatta Parambathu Satyan, started his career in 1983’s Santosh Trophy representing Kerala. He entered the International arena representing India National team on 1985 SAF Games held in Dhaka. As the Captain, he led the National team in the World Cup qualifiers and had also won Gold medal for Indian team in SAF Games in 1995.

               Outside the field; things were not fair for the player. At the early age of 41, due to some personal & financial crisis the player ended his life, leaving behind a note for his family. As a professional player for more than 12 years in various roles as a Team Player, Captain and Trainer, Satyan was one of those players who had dedicated his life for the growth football our in Country.