Bother's Days : review

Brothers day review

Brothers day.

Directed and written by Shajon, malayalam cine artist popularly known as Kalabhavan Shajon.
Produced by Listin stephen and Justin stephen.
Lead cast: Prthviraj Sukumaran, Aishwarya lekshmi, Madonna sebastian, Prasanna, Prayaga martin, Mia, Vjayaraghavan.

                       Story begins with a flashback incident set in the outskirts of Tamil Nadu unveiling the story of a kid, Peeli and her family. As the film advances, the story line takes it deviation to the main story which rounds the life of Ronnie, played by Prithviraj, who works at a catering company. There are several comic moments between Prithviraj and Dharmajan, bursting the audience into laughter. As once mentions in the movie itself, its been a long time since we saw Prithviraj with a surtle and  acting style, considering his recent releases like Adam Joan, Nine and Ranam The story runs introducing a series of star cast including Sphadikam george, Madonna sebastian and most importanly Vijayaraghavan and Prasanna. All the four female leads have their own narration advancing on its own pace and each one directing (except Madonna) itself to a common story led by Prasanna, who plays the villain in the movie. Sliding through its twists and surprises, film ends with a well intresting fight. 

The story and narration has nothing too much new to offer, but it sure entertains you for the 180 minutes long showtime. Yes, it could be a littile more for a malayalam film, but with the stunning star cast and the comic/suspense elements placed evenly throughout the movie doesnt makes you feel bored. The only time you wonder how long the movie is, is when you long for an interval to pee or to smoke. It could have been cut down to a standard cinema duration, but it is not a regret nor a negative. 

Film includes 3 songs, the first one (tamil) sung by South actor Dhanush. It is refreshing to see some new stunt moves midst other movies displaying unbelieveable action sequences.

Shajon did his part well, in presenting the story cards in place and intact, where it could have gone wrong considering the number of storylines included in the script. Camera and editing did its part in a decent manner.

All the actors did their part well except Prayaga martin, whose acting felt a little top of the edge. However this doesnt draws your attention from the entertainment value this cinema have to offer. Mia's character definition is a bit more fascinating compared to the rest of the heroine lot in the movie. The producer himself and director Shajon too does their cameos very well.

What to expect: a well entertaining comedy thriller.
What not to expect: the so called "new" treatment and social commitment sort of messages.

Note: This movie is pure entertainment and dont expect all movies to be realistic and less of drama. As someone wisely said, our film industry is wide enough to portray any kind of movies and its up to audiences, including me and you, to watch, like or dislike them. But lets not be judgemental or prejudistic to expect a certain genre of movies alone to be release. We are a welcoming audience and we have space for every kind of movies.

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Reviewed by : Varghese Jimmy Abraham
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