Birds of Prey : Review

Margot robbie

Birds of Prey : Movie Review

Birds of Prey, directed by Cathy Yan, is the 8th installment in the Dc extended universe. The stars Margot Robbie in the lead. The movie was announced in 2016, the filming of the movie happened in 2019 and released on 2020. The movie also features stars like; Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ellay Jay Basco, Ali Wong and Ewan Mc Gregor. 

The script is done by Christina Hodson, Cinematography by Mathew Libatique and Edited by Jay Cassidy and Evan Schiff. Produced by Dc Films, Lucky Chap Entertainment and Kroll & Co. Entertainment.
The filmed was produced on a budget of 100 million dollar and collected 201 million worldwide.

Thrown away by Joker, Harley Quinn is back in Gotham city by her own. The label of Joker’s girl away gave the immunity that she enjoyed, as no one bother to touch her, but as the label started to burden her emotions. She burst out the truth to the world by destroying ‘Ace Chemicals’, the place she fell in love with Joker. The news wiped the Gotham city like a wild fire, made every other criminal in Gotham to take revenge on Harley; for what she had done to them in the past.

Given the predictive story, which had nothing much to offer; makes the character of Harley to do the heavy lifting to carry the whole movie by herself.
We happen to see a different Harley with lot of emotions, which is least expected. The only entertaining part of the movie is the fight that Harley does to rescue the child from the prison, other than that; everything fell flat, which make the movie less entertaining than ever. Given the limelight that character had from the first film, the producers could have made a better film, if much time was given for the plot development.

Rating 2/5